Review: The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Title: The Quality of Silence
Author: Rosamund Lupton
Publication Date: July 2015
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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.
Set in the extreme landscape of Alaska, THE QUALITY OF SILENCE follows the story of Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby. Yasmin arrives in Alaska to be told her husband, Matt, is dead, the victim of a catastrophic accident. Yasmin, unable to accept this as truth, sets out into the frozen winter landscape, taking Ruby with her in search of answers. But as a storm closes in, Yasmin realises that a very human danger may be keeping pace with them. And with no one else on the road to help, they must keep moving, alone and terrified, through an endless Alaskan night.

In a story that explores the very limits of human resilience, The Quality of Silence is as much about a mother learning to hear her deaf daughter as it is about their journey across the vastness of Alaska, and proves, once again, that Rosamund Lupton is a storyteller of class and elegance.

The Quality of Silence is a chilling read that is completely gripping.

Yasmin has just arrived in Alaska with her young deaf daughter Ruby to meet Ruby's father who is a wildlife photographer and has been working in the Alaskan wilderness. Immediately she is greeted with the news that the village her husband was staying in has been burned to the ground and that there are no survivors. Yasmin refuses to accept this news and with the police unable and unwilling to help her, she takes Ruby on a terrifying journey across treacherous ice roads to find her husband. If the conditions weren't bad enough, it becomes apparent that someone is following them and the journey becomes a battle for their own survival as well as Matt's.

The atmosphere was exceptionally well described. The freezing temperatures, the stormy weather and the treacherous driving conditions are all beautifully written and the chill can really be felt through the writing.

I really enjoyed having two different viewpoints throughout the book and it was interesting to see how Ruby's thoughts correlated with Yasmin's. It was also nice to discover how both parents have treated Ruby's deafness over the years and Yasmin discovering new things about her daughter and that she doesn't need to have a physical voice to be exceptional.

I found the majority of the story to be extremely gripping and I was eager to reach the conclusion. Things become a little slower when we reach the beginning of the end but it's still a thrilling and chilly conclusion. I loved the wintry atmosphere, the thriller aspect and the beautiful writing. The Quality of Silence is a perfect read for the colder months!


  1. I love descriptive writing. I'm not sure if this is my cup of tea but it sounds decent. Nice review.

    1. Me too, it's always nice to find some great descriptive writing. Thanks! :)