Review: Ignite the Shadows by Ingrid Seymour

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Title: Ignite the Shadows

Author: Ingrid Seymour

Release Date: April, 2015


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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours and NetGalley.

Ignite the Shadows is so fast-faced and action-packed that I found myself tearing through the pages. We are thrust straight into the action which makes for a really strong and intense opening. It is a sci-fi story but with enough realism that you can easily picture the events happening in our everyday world.

Marci has lived most of her life being plagued by what she calls "shadows": spectres that take over her body so much so that she loses control of herself. When she and her friend, Xave, are spying on a group known as IgNiTe, she gets more than she bargains for when the leader recognises the agony she is facing and quickly persuades her to join their group. He too is a sufferer and reveals that there are many more just like them; people who have been infected by monsters known as Eklyptors, and IgNiTe is a resistance group determined to eliminate them.

I really liked Marci. She is strong and independent and spends her time creating code and hacking computers. She rides around on a motorcycle and isn't afraid to speak her mind or stand up to people. I also liked the leader of the resistance, James, and found him to be very intriguing. He's a bit mysterious and I wasn't always sure if I could trust him but ultimately he was very likeable. I think the characters as a whole are excellently written. There's a mixed bunch of people and everyone stands out; they each have distinct personalities, and I could easily remember who was who. With that being said, I would have liked some of the characters to have had more development. For example, there is a subplot of Marci's long-lost twin brother, Luke, being rediscovered and I wanted to get to know more about him. I think there's going to be a lot more from him in the next book though so I can understand why he was a bit missing here.

There is a small romance element and I actually really enjoyed it. It is in the very early stages as Marci and Xave are just beginning to learn how to be more than friends but there was a real chemistry between them which I appreciated. Xave is really likable and I'm looking forward to seeing how that develops.

The Eklyptors were downright creepy which is exactly as it should be. These monsters have the ability to grow scales and other unworldly features and spend their time infecting other people. IgNiTe are fighting against these monsters and hellbent on destroying them which results in some dangerous situations which were extremely gripping. Those that have been infected, such as Marci, also have the ability to develop their own "powers" which was fascinating. 

Overall I think this was a good sci-fi with a very fast-paced and intriguing plot. The revelation in the epilogue has left the door open for an exciting sequel which I'm looking forward to reading.


  1. I've nominated you for an award! Everything you need to know is in the link below :D Have a great day!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  2. Girl I ended up DNF'ing this book at 40%! I was trying to push through, but so many things annoyed me to the point I just decided to give up and pick up something else. It was definitely fast-paced, and I loved the idea of " the shadows " that could take over her mind and control her, but girl, when they got to that ball or whatever it was and discovered the monsters, reptiles, or whatever the hell they were, I was pretty much over it lol. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it though!

    1. Haha I know what you mean! That kinda monster isn't usually my kinda thing but I'm a sucker for a resistance which is what gripped me.

  3. I don't really get into sci-fi much, but I AM trying to broaden the books I read in terms of genre. I like that it felt realistic in a lot of ways though. Thanks for your review! I hadn't heard of this one.


    1. I'm always looking to try a new genre too; you never know what gem you might find! Thanks for reading! :)