Review: Craving U by Llàrjme

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Title: Craving U

Author: Llàrjme (Mirella Muffarotto)

Release Date: January 31st, 2015

Book one in The Rook Cafe series



Craving U is a really cute contemporary YA romance. Marika and Matteo have been best friends since they were children but soon begin to realise that their feelings for one another run much deeper than just friendship. Unsure if their feelings are requited, things become more complicated when Matteo is offered the chance of a lifetime to play for a top league football club which means leaving his home town, and Marika, behind.

Marika and Matteo are both very likeable characters and I couldn't help but root for them the entire time. It was frustrating at times that they were so bad at communicating with each other though. They both made some bad decisions and could have avoided a lot of confusion and heartache if they just took the time to really listen and speak to each other. The love triangle was an interesting aspect as Federico was very likeable so we didn't have one good guy and one bad guy. It was clear that Marika and Matteo were made for each other though.

I found the story to be a little slow to begin with but it soon picks up and becomes exciting with many twists and turns. I do think there is a little too much detail in places though. We are given a lot of background information on characters, settings etc. Whilst the writing is excellent, and I can appreciate the knowledge that the author has, it tended to overcrowd the rest of the plot.

I was pleased with the ending and the way things worked out for the characters.

A really great, well written, YA contemporary that should appeal to a lot of different tastes. I would recommend to anyone who likes a cute contemporary, football (soccer) or Italy.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This looks like a graphic novel, is it? It looks really fun. I love contemporary!

    1. It's not a graphic novel but the cover does fit with that genre! I love a good contemporary too and this was cute! :)