Review: End of Days by Susan Ee

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Title: End of Days

Author: Susan Ee

Release Date: May 12th, 2015

Third book of the Penryn & the End of Days series



I’ve been so excited for the conclusion to this series and End of Days really didn’t disappoint!

Penryn's character development throughout the series was tremendous. She is absolutely a kick ass heroine who won't take any crap from anyone!

There was a real lack of Raffe in the second book which was disappointing but he is always around in End of Days which really makes up for that. I love Raffe. I love the connection that he and Penryn have and the fact that they can be serious but also laugh together. I just love their back and forth jokes and teasing. Also, that scene at the beginning where

Penryn's sister Paige and her mom take a little bit of a back seat in this book but I don't think that's a huge problem. It was actually quite nice to see Penryn focusing on other things and not having to be constantly worrying or running after them. Paige starts to become accustomed to her new form and is extremely helpful in the battle between humans and angels. She is becoming a great kick-ass fighter like her sister!

We also learn more of Beliel's back story which was really interesting. There is a heartbreaking reality to his villainous ways and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy. He is a complex villain which is just all the better to read about. I also loved meeting the Watchers and their camaraderie with Raffe which was so endearing to read about.

The ending wraps things up nicely whilst also leaving a few questions remaining. With the series originally intended to be more than a trilogy then maybe we'll get some answers in the form of novellas in the future (I hope!)

A magnificent conclusion to a truly great series!


  1. OOoh nice! I can't wait to read this one! Just need the time! I have been hearing that the ending was wrapped up rather quickly since the 5 books series turned into 3. But glad to hear you still enjoyed it! Great review!

    1. I had to let this one jump the queue! haha. That's true, I can't help but wonder what else was planned for the story since it was reduced. Still hoping for more! Thanks! :)